10 Tips to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Plenty of Water

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s extremely important that our pets drink sufficient amounts of water. This isn’t so easy with cats because they are not naturally prone to drinking. It’s up to us to find ways to help our cat drink plenty of water and avoid becoming dehydrated and/or developing kidney problems.  

Here’s how: 

1. Add water to food: If your cat seems to have an aversion to drinking water you can gradually add a little water to their food, so he/she get used to having more fluids.

2. Fresh clean water: Cats tend to be very fussy about their water. You’ll often see them walking away, refusing to drink unless their water is fresh and perfectly clean. 

3. Convenient location: Your cat’s water bowl must be conveniently located, in a place where they feel comfortable. It’s best to have several water bowls placed conveniently around for easy access. 

4. Whiskers must not touch bowl: If there’s anything cats hate it’s feeling their whiskers pressed against the side of a food or water dish. Your cat must be comfortable with the size and shape of their water bowl. 

5. A raised water bowl is best: Another way to make your cat more comfortable is to raise their bowl off the floor. This way he/she doesn’t have to hunch down to drink.

6. Water must taste good: Cats are naturally finicky, and they aren’t likely to eat or drink anything that doesn’t taste good. If you leave their water dish out for any length of time it’s going to get stale and taste bad. 

7. Water must smell fresh: Cats have a very keen sense of smell and if their water smells bad, they won’t go near it. If there is the tiniest bit of food or bacteria in their water, your cat will smell it a mile away and not drink. (Spoiler Alert: we have the solution below.)

8. Place water bowl away from food dish and litter box: Your cat will only drink clean smelling water, so place their water bowls away from their food dish and litter box(es). 

9. Try different bowls: Because cats are so picky, it’s not surprising that they would be picky about their water bowl. So, test a few to see how he/she responds. Try plastic, glass, ceramic and stainless steel to find their preference. 

10. Get a water fountain: We have the perfect solution, a special water fountain made just for cats. They love the soothing sound of flowing water, so they are naturally drawn to a fountain. Many of us have seen our cat repeatedly jump up on the sink to drink from the faucet. Having their own fountain encourages them to drink more water. The constant flow eliminates bacteria and the filter keeps the water fresh and clean at all times. What could be better? 


Our fountain is specifically designed for cats, and we promise that yours will love drinking from it. 

Flowing water naturally appeals to cats, which encourages them to drink more. This way you can keep your kitty from developing urinary tract diseases. Flowing water is also cooling and soothing, so it not only prevents dehydration, it can also keep your kitty from becoming overheated and stressed out. If your cat primarily eats dry food, it’s even more important that he/she drinks ample amounts of water.  

The carbon activated filter in the fountain prevents any harmful bacteria from building. It’s also easy to keep clean and should last for years. Additional filters can be purchased so that it will always provide clean fresh water. The fountain is made of safe, non-toxic BPA-free materials and runs silently with just the sound of falling water, which cats find very relaxing. They also prefer drinking flowing water rather than still water. 


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