In Case You Hadn’t Realized It – Your Kitty Can Have a Job

Many of us know how boring and tedious our jobs can be at times, but some cat parents have found the perfect solution by bringing their kitty to work with them. Any cat parent knows how important it is that their cat be happy at all times. 

Helping them find “rewarding” work can not only make them happy, it can also make them feel appreciated. And what could be better than that? Yep, there are some really talented furballs out there, even if their skills are somewhat subtle. Some are even considered successful pawfessionals.

You may have noticed some kitties in the background when people are being interviewed on TV from home. These adorable pets are clearly keeping their owners relaxed and comfortable while they do their work. Don’t you think these kittles should get some credit and maybe a paycheck? 

I would venture to say that this is a real talent, something everyone can benefit from during this stressful time. The companionship alone is worth gold, I would say. Medical doctors and mental health professionals have acknowledged for years how positively their patients respond to the affectionate nuzzling of dogs when they visit them in hospitals. 

Many cats are just as affectionate. So, if you have a family member at home who is suffering from stress or an illness, let your cat visit their room and curl up on their bed and you will be amazed at the response. This, my friend is the work of a true pawfessional! 

Cats with Actual Jobs

The timing couldn’t be better for trying to determine what your cat might enjoy in terms of a job. Now that many of us are spending more time at home with our pets due to the pandemic, we may want to try out a few things to see if we can discover what our kitty’s hidden talents might be. Along the way, you may even be able to figure out ways to include your kitty in your work. 

Here are some real-life examples of kitties with jobs, just in case you think you kitty might want to join the workforce once this pandemic is over: 

1. Dedicated Veterinary Assistant

You can see the dedication and pawfessionalism in the face of this adorable little kitty who works with her mommy at this busy veterinary clinic. She works every day to relax the staff and patients, a very impurrrtant hospital job. 

Photo on Reddit by CamTheChest

2. Kitty Street Cop

What does everyone do when they feel threatened or witness a crime? They grab their phone and call the pawlice! My name is Pawfficer Donut and my job is to respond to these calls. Every day I watch over my city to make sure it’s safe. 

Photo: @TroyMI_Police on Twitter

3. Tow Truck Driver’s Road Warrior

This cat keeps things safe by diligently watching the road while his dad drives the tow truck. And look how pawfessional he looks in his uniform! How proud this little road warrior must be to have found such an exciting career!

Photo: JustOnceAndZeros on Reddit

4. Highly Trusted Hotel Staff

The owners of a cozy hotel in Iceland are fed up with staff members who are unfriendly to guests. They’ve decided to replace them with adorable little kitties whose job it is not only to greet guests, but act as mousekeepers as well. 

Photo: @RustyBertrand on Twitter

5. Gary the Meowntain Rescue Cat

This meowntaineering cat is named Gary. His dad noticed early on how adventurous he was and decided that Gary would make the perfect helper to bring along on his mountain rescue jobs. Here’s a photo of Gary all decked out in his gear. 

Photo: @greatgramsofgary

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. If you’re interested in putting your cat to work you can try training him/her from babyhood to be a model. Take some great photos and videos, post them on Instagram and YouTube and see if he/she gets a following. You never know, you might have a money-making celebrity scampering around your house right now!

Have a great day!

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