How To Show Your Cat Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day each year when we try to find special ways to express our love to those we care most about. Couples often exchange romantic cards and gifts when dining out at a fancy restaurant. In fact, there’s entire industries making millions each year selling flowers and boxes of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 

But, what if your one true love is your cat? Shouldn’t you find ways to show your beloved kitty how much you love them on Valentine’s Day? If you ask me, the answer is an unequivocal YES! If you agree, here are some great ways to show your kitty lots of love on Valentine’s Day:

• Cuddles & Kisses Work Wonders

Why not start the day with a cuddling session and kisses? Some cats are more affectionate than others, so you have a pretty good idea of how cuddly your cat is. If he/she is quick to get under the covers with you for a nice long cuddle, just start your day out doing this while adding a lot of kisses and scratches under the chin. 

• A New Toy Adds to The Joy

You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a thoughtful little gift, and a fun new is the perfect choice. Find something you know your cat will love that may be a little different than the toys he/she already has in the toy box. After all, you want your kitty to know this is a special day. A toy that allows you to play with him/her is best. Cats love “fishing rod” toys, which are a stick with a string hanging down, often with a feathered toy on the end. If you really want something special, a new scratching post with a perch on top placed in front of a window would be great!


• Fresh Treats for Sure

I don’t have to ask you whether your cat likes treats because all cats do EXCEPT if they’re no longer fresh. I’ve noticed that my cats will not eat them if they’re from the bottom of the pouch. They’re just not fresh enough, so a fresh new packet of treats is another way to show your kitty how much you love him/her on Valentine’s Day.  

• Make Time for Grooming

Make Valentine’s Day a spa day and your cat will be in heaven. If you’ve been bathing your kitty since infancy, it’s become routine and your cat probably loves being bathed. But, if he/she hates being bathed, skip that today and just focus on grooming. Spend some time gently brushing your cat, starting with the tummy, hind legs and back. Gently untangle any knots without pulling too hard. To clip the nails, you may want to wrap him/her in a towel to keep them from squirming away. Use a Q-tip to gently clean the ears, but don’t leave it out or it might become a toy.  


Remember, this is Valentine’s Day, and your goal is to be as loving and affectionate toward your cat as they will allow. So, aside from these activities you might want to give your kitty a beautiful new collar, sweater or neck scarf and let him/her watch cat videos and/or their favorite shows on Animal Planet before bedtime. 

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