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NEW! Electronic Fish Bowl Cat Toy

NEW! Electronic Fish Bowl Cat Toy

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Want Your Cat To Be More Active?

Get This Electronic Fish Bowl Cat Toy That Mimics Natural Fish Movement  That Keeps Cats Entertained For HOURS! It's A True Winner For Cats Of All Ages..

 One Of The Best Toys To Keep Your Cat In Shape And Engaged.

 Super Durable - Built to Last For A Long Time!

 Unpredictably Spinning Feather Fish Activates Cats' Hunting Instinct.

 Easy to Use: With a Touch of the Button, the Battery-Operated Toy Starts to Rotate for 15 Minutes and Then Automatically Shut Down.

 Pro-Tip: Some Cats Get Very Upset About Their Owner Leaving The Home. This Toy Is A Great Solution... Turn It On Just Before Stepping Out Of The Door.

 Uses 3 x AA batteries (not included)


Due to High Demand for this CATastic Product: Shipping Takes 8-12 Business Days


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<


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