Political Catnip Kicker

Political Catnip Kicker

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Where Does Your Cat Stand Politically?

Get The Amazinglycat Political Catnip Kickers And Find Out!

Choose From These Presidential Figures Like Trump, Putin, Hillary, And Obama.

Better Yet, Save 50% And Get The Whole Pack To Put Them On a Test With YourĀ Cat! šŸ˜»

Cats Absolutely LOVE To:

Ā Kick it with hind legs

Ā Lick and bite it

Ā RollĀ with it

Ā Play with its hair! šŸ˜ø

Ā Snuggle & curlĀ up around..

Ā HUGE 1 Foot Long Kickers!

Ā Irresistible Organic Catnip Inside!

Ā Limited Edition Run


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