Happy tummies with the perfect angle!

You will be shocked to know that the only thing you will need to maintain or improve your cat’s digestion and overall health is to get an elevated cat bowl. Seriously, it’s just that simple! 

If you have a cat, you will know that they will need to be fed healthy food, and stay hydrated. But, even the most nutritional food in the whole wide world won’t be effective by the wrong choice of cat bowl, so, If you don’t have an elevated cat bowl at your place now, you should definitely consider getting one for your cat.

Improved digestion

You will notice a big improvement in your cat's digestion after you start feeding them from an elevated cat bowl. Why? Because when a cat eats from a regular bowl, they have to lie on their stomach and that causes a lot of discomfort. 

Therefore, using an elevated bowl is the only way to ensure that your cat is eating comfortably. The elevated bowl can also help your cat to adopt a better posture and even eliminate future spine a hip problems.

Cleaner feeding station

You will know how easy it is to clean the feeding station after you have tried the elevated bowls. The extra elevation will prevent fur and dust particles from getting into the cat's food and water, as well as preventing them from pushing their bowls around or even sitting in them. 

better eating habits

Elevated cat bowls are also helpful in changing your cat's eating habits. 

Cats are known for being picky when it comes to food. It's impossible to keep tabs on how often your cat spills its food and water on purpose just because they weren't in the mood to eat whatever was given to them that day. 

With an elevated cat bowl, chances of cleaning up these accidents are reduced significantly. Most importantly, your cat will avoid vomiting from swallowing air along with its food.

prevent feline acne

The strong and durable Amazinglycat Stainless Steel Elevated Bowl is the pet-safe bowl for your cat’s overall health. Let your cats eat safely as the bowl is tilted at 15 degrees to improve digestive health and reduce neck strains. 

Made from stainless steel, it is not easily scratched or dented and is also heat resistant. Odours do not stick easily to this bowl which is an advantage for our odour-sensitive felines and encourages the use of the bowl. This material also prevents the growth of bacteria and is a good solution for cats that are allergic to plastic bowls.

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