How Cats Show Their Love For You

Cats may not show affection to the extent that dogs do, but they love their owners just as much. Your cat is not going to run up to you in excitement when you come home from work, like a dog likely would. Instead, he/she might come and rub up against you, greeting you when you walk in the door. That’s one way they say, “I love you” among many other behaviors that cats do to tell their owners they love them. 

Some of the other ways that cats convey their love are as follows: 

1. Give You Little Love Bites

Oftentimes when petting your cat, he/she will give you a little nibble. You may get the idea that he/she wants you to stop, but it’s usually just the opposite. Cats often express their love by giving little “love bites” according to Lynn Thompson who wrote The Feline CEO. These nibbles are their way of telling you to keep petting them. 

2. Knead with Their Paws on You

If your kitty uses his/her front paws to push forward on you, switching from left to right, this is kneading. And while this may be uncomfortable, your kitty is telling you that he/she loves you by doing this. Cats started kneading as nursing kittens, and this motion helps them feel content and is a sign of great affection.  

3. Intently Stare at You

If your kitty sits next to you, staring right at you while you’re at your computer or in bed reading a book, this is his/her way of conveying their love for you. According to Russell Hartstein, certified feline behaviorist and CEO of Fun Paw Care, cats who stare and slowly blink at their owners are trying to show affection. And you can do the same by slowly blinking back, that way your cat will know they are loved. 

4. Meow and Purr Around You

Some cats are more “talkative” than others, so if your cat meows a lot when you are nearby, you probably wonder what they’re trying to say. Do they want to be fed? Are they annoyed with you? Perhaps. But more likely they are trying to say they love you. And if you have a cat that purrs when they’re with you, it’s a good indication they’re happy and that they love you. 

5. Always Around You, But More So When You’re Sick 

If your cat is always hanging around you, but more so when you’re not feeling well, it’s a sure indication of love. Thompson says in her book, “Cats like being near those they care about, and can sense when you’re not feeling well or are a little down and will stay nearby to comfort you.”

6. Licking Often Means Kisses

Cats use their tongues for several reasons. Animal behaviorist Megan Maxwell said to PetMD, “A cat licking his/her owner may be an attempt to get their attention, maybe to play or be petted. Or maybe they’re just cleaning you, which is something they do to bond.” She added, “Licking shows that your kitty is calm around you, which is a good sign they love you.” 

7. Head Bunt You

Some experts claim that getting a head bunt from your cat is a clear sign of affection. When your kitty bumps or rubs his/her head against you, it’s their way of saying “I love you.” This is how cats show their affection and closeness to their owner. In doing this they mark you with their scent, which conveys to everyone else that you are theirs! 

Now you know some of the most obvious ways your cat may be telling you they love you. But there are a few more subtle ways they convey this message. If your cat curls his/her tail when they’re near you or even wraps it around you, this tells you that you’re their “favorite human.” Another common sign of love is when your cat caresses you with his/her paws or rubs his/her cheeks against yours. These are other ways of marking you with their scent, which tells you and the rest of your household they love you. So, it’s up to you to reciprocate and show your love in return!

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