Dealing with COVID-19 & Making Sure Your Cat Drinks Enough Water

Dealing with COVID-19 & Making Sure Your Cat Drinks Enough Water

Hi everyone. Just know that you’re on our minds and we hope you’re able to deal with these stressful times without going too crazy. To keep you and your kitty safe, you’re likely staying home and spending a lot more time together than usual. So, we’ve come up with some fun ways for you to enjoy your days. 

As we get into the summer months and the weather warms up, we all need to make sure we’re staying sufficiently hydrated, and that includes our cat(s). In fact, cats are more likely to becoming dehydrated than humans because they are not naturally inclined drink water. 



Our beloved domesticated kitties are descended from wild cats that thrived in dry, hot, desert climates. These ancestral cats got most of their fluids from their prey. So, they had little need for searching out sources of water. Your kitty doesn’t go out hunting for food because you’re there to feed him/her. Even if you feed your cat wet food, he/she still needs to drink enough water to keep from getting dehydrated. But, drinking water from a bowl doesn’t come naturally to them, although they’ve had to adapt. 





Cats Can Be Very Finicky

Cats are very picky about what they eat and even more particular about their water. It’s hard to figure out what they’re thinking when they refuse to drink out of their own water dish. Instead, they jump up and drink from the toilet or some mud puddle they find outside. 

This is why it’s so important that you give them safe, clean water that they’ll happily drink. 

To do that successfully, here’s what you need to consider: 

  • Location: Place their water dish where they feel comfortable.
  • Taste: Give them fresh water daily because if there’s anything in their water they’ll walk away.
  • Comfort: It’s best to raise the water dish off the floor because it may not be comfortable for him/her to lean down to drink, plus it could even be harmful. 


Whisker Fatigue 

Cats have extremely sensitive whiskers. 

If your kitty is drinking out of a narrow bowl, his/her whiskers are undoubtedly pressing up against the sides, causing whisker fatigue. This is quite uncomfortable and even painful for cats, not to mention very stressful. Knowing how much you love your fur baby; this is the last thing you want! 


Dehydration Can Kill Your Cat

Did you know that kidney disease related to poor hydration kills more than 3000 pet cats each year? Unfortunately, kidney diseases are known to affect 1 in 3 domestic cats and tend to go undiagnosed until it’s quite advanced. 

Fortunately, we have a way to help you get your cat to drink more water and enjoy it. Our Cat Water Fountain is specifically designed for cats, and we promise that yours will love drinking from it. 

Flowing water naturally appeals to cats, which encourages them to drink more. This way you can keep your kitty from developing urinary tract diseases. Flowing water is also cooling and soothing, so it not only prevents dehydration, it can also keep your kitty from becoming overheated and stressed out. If your cat primarily eats dry food, it’s even more important that he/she drinks ample amounts of water.  

The carbon activated filter in the fountain prevents any harmful bacteria from building. It’s also easy to keep clean and should last for years. Additional filters can be purchased so that it will always provide clean fresh water. The fountain is made of safe, non-toxic BPA-free materials and runs silently with just the sound of falling water, which cats find very relaxing. They also prefer drinking flowing water rather than still water.




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