Does Your Cat Have Some Annoying Habits You’d Like to Stop?

Just like humans, cats are not perfect although you may think yours is the exception. Anyhow, my kitty has a few annoying habits that I decided to speak to my vet about. She said that these behaviors are perfectly normal and quite typical of most cats. Since this was news to me, I thought you might like to be clued in about these things as well: 


One thing that I find particularly annoying is when my cat rubs its face on the corner of my laptop when I’m trying to work. This happens all the time and now I understand why. Apparently, kitties have scent glands located in their cheeks. When they rub their cheeks against an object, pheromones are released and when they come near that spot again, they sense that everything is okay. Knowing that this is their spot helps them relax

Sometimes they’ll rub their foreheads or even their entire body up against you, not just their cheeks. If you’re like me, you’ll just assume your kitty is being affectionate. And this may be true, but it’s also a way for them to claim ownership, as if we are one of their possessions. My kitty will weave in and out between my legs as I’m getting ready to feed her. Now I know that she’s transferring her scent and claiming ownership, although she may also be telling me to hurry it up! 

Peeing on Things

As discussed earlier, kitties want their surroundings to have their particular scent. When they smell a “foreign object” in their space they will often mix their scent in with the unfamiliar one. Unfortunately, one of the ways they do this is by peeing on it. Ugh!

So, don’t be surprised if your houseguest complains to you about your cat peeing on their purse or suitcase. This type of behavior may be the only way they know how to relieve their anxiety about this strange person “invading their space.” It’s embarrassing but now that you know that this can happen, do what you can to quell your kitty’s anxiety in these circumstances. Cuddle up, giving him/her some kisses, along with some treats and toys and this should do the trick. 


Another way that cats leave their scent is by scratching on things, which is very annoying but quite typical. Cats also have scent glands on their paws, so while scratching they’re also leaving their scent. Very often the object they’re scratching is furniture because this is something that typically has a lot of different scents on it. These scents could be from shoes, the outdoors, shopping bags, and even guests. By scratching the side of your sofa, they are replacing the strange scent with theirs. 

To save your furniture, you need some strategically placed scratching posts. They may not be the most attractive item in your living room but hiding them in a corner won’t do you any good. Place the post in your cat’s favorite spot and then move it little by little to where you want it, while still keeping it out in the open where he/she can easily access it. 


We are here to do all we can to help you find ways to keep your kitty relaxed and happy. We have grooming kits you can use to brush your kitty, which they absolutely love. We invite you to have a look at our massagers for stimulating their senses to keep them happy. And of course, there’s always catnip, and you can be sure we have a lot of catnip toys and inserts to choose from.


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