How Safe is Catnip?

How Safe is Catnip?

How Safe is Catnip for Cats? Are There Any Risks to Dogs or Humans?

One of the main concerns people have about catnip is whether it’s safe for cats of all ages and breeds. When asked this question, we always answer, “As far as we know, but there could be exceptions.” The truth is that nearly every cat reacts well to catnip, but there’s always a chance that some cat could have an allergic reaction. This is why we cannot say truthfully that catnip could absolutely never be harmful. At this point, there isn’t enough information to unequivocally say that any particular breed is allergic. 

If you have any concerns or notice your cat having issues with catnip, you should call your vet! You need to know up front that there’s a good chance your cat won’t respond to catnip. Truthfully, only about half of all cats show any reaction to catnip. So, if your kitty doesn’t get all mellow or roll around on the floor acting silly, don’t be disappointed. If you have more than one cat, some may be totally enthralled while the others seem indifferent.  

Does Catnip Pose Any Risk to Other Household Pets or Humans?

No! As far as we know, catnip is not harmful to dogs or humans, but don’t expect it to bring about any major reaction. If anything, catnip affects dogs and humans more like a sedative. Some people even sip catnip tea to relax. So, if you were worried that your cat and dog might wrestle over the catnip, that’s very unlikely to happen.  

Are There Any Real Benefits Associated with Catnip?

It bears repeating that no two cats are alike and although most experts claim that catnip is totally safe for the vast majority of cats, you should speak to your vet about any concerns you may have. Having said that, beyond the “high” that catnip can provide, it also has other benefits. Most cat parents have no idea that catnip provides much needed vitamins and minerals and is particularly abundant in Vitamin E and Magnesium. It also contributes to a healthy, silky coat. So, If you want your kitty to have a good time, get some extra vitamins and minerals and look their best, why give him/her some catnip now and then?

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