Tips For Using A Cat Sitter

Tips For Using A Cat Sitter

Are You Going on Vacation? Tips for Finding a Good Cat Sitter

Anyone who has pets knows that they need constant looking after. So, whether you’ve planned an extended vacation or are just visiting relatives for the weekend, hiring a good pet sitter may be your best option. 

The trick is finding someone good that you can trust with your pet(s). It’s very hard to leave on vacation if you’re not sure about the person you’ve hired. We get that, so keep reading because we have the information you’ll need detailed in this article. 

Why hire a pet sitter to watch your cat?

Your cat is a bona fide family member and as such, needs to be lovingly cared for. The right pet sitter can do a wonderful job caring for your cat so that you can relax while on vacation. You know your cat isn’t going to be happy staying in a cattery or in a cage at your vet’s office. These are very stressful places for kitties and there’s always a risk that he/she can become exposed to parasites and diseases. 

There is no doubt that having your cat stay at his/her own home is best all the way around. This is the main advantage of hiring a pet sitter. Cats are very vulnerable when they get stressed and should you decide to leave him/her in a strange environment, he/she can become very stressed out. How are you going to enjoy your vacation if you know your cat could be suffering?

Finding a Pet Sitter

There are some reliable ways to find a good pet sitter. Most people rely on a reputable pet sitting company like Rover or Trusted HouseSitters, both of which can be found online. Pet sitters are required to register with the company and once they’ve undergone a background check, they set up a profile. You can search for someone in your area with good reviews and testimonials from clients. Once you feel comfortable you can contact them through the website and set up a time and place to meet them in person. 

Another thing you might try is to look online at NextDoor in your neighborhood. They have a list of service providers in your area and very often you can find pet sitters who live nearby. They too show testimonials from other clients. Other than these suggestions, you have the option of asking a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member for a referral and they may even offer to watch your cat while you’re away!

Selecting the Right Pet Sitter

Here is a list of questions you’ll want answered before you decide which one to hire: 

  • What kind of experience does this pet sitter have taking care of animals?
  • Does this pet sitter have a list of references you can call?
  • Has this sitter taken care of cats before?
  • Is the sitter willing to clean up kitty messes like the litter box or barfed up hairballs?
  • How much time can the sitter spend in your home? Will they be leaving for work?
  • Does the sitter have their own car or a way to get to and from your home?
  • Will the sitter agree to obey any rules you have?
  • Are they willing to comply with special requests?
  • Is the sitter willing to meet with you ahead of time so you can observe how they are around your pet(s)?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you at the moment. We hope this article is helpful to you in finding the right pet sitter. We want you to relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your kitty is being well taken care of. 

If you’re going on vacation this summer, we wish you good trip! If you have any questions or want further advice, please reach out to our support team. 

Happy travelling,

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