What To Do With Your Cat On Vacation

What Can You Do with Your Kitty if You’re Going on Vacation?

Once this pandemic is over, we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief. Once we can start living normally again, we’ll all want to get out and have some fun for a change. And, this might include taking a long-awaited vacation. 

Like most of us you’ve probably missed your family and if they live out of town you may want to visit them first. One way or another, you’re probably looking forward to spending some time relaxing in a whole new environment. But don’t forget, you have a cat to think about.

Your Options

You can always take your kitty along!

People travel all the time with their pets and the travel industry has adapted accordingly. You can find private rentals and hotels with pet-friendly prices and policies. It’s true that dogs are allowed more often than cats, but by planning ahead you can find places that will accommodate your cat.

Ask ahead of time if they have a policy that forces your cat to stay in his/her crate the entire time, or if your cat is allowed to be out while you’re there. 

Many times, these policies are in place for guests with short-term stays, so you’ll need to tell them how long you’re planning to stay so you can get a definitive answer. 

Make sure that you bring things with you that will make your cat feel right at home. This would include their favorite bed, the treats they love the most, and of course an assortment of devices and toys to keep them comfortable and entertained. 

You can arrange things to help your cat stay relaxed and happy in your vacation rental or hotel room. Cats are always rubbing their faces on things that help them release the scent that comes from the glands located on their cheeks. This scent makes them feel safe in their environment and will keep them calm and happy once they’ve marked the item as theirs.  

Catnip also relaxes cats and makes them happy. So, what we recommend is that you get our Cat Corner Groomer and take it with you on vacation because it combines the best of both. 

The Cat Corner Groomer has a total of 270 tiny knobs that cats love rubbing their faces up against. While they’re releasing the scent from their glands, they also get to smell catnip. What could relax them more or make them happier? Bring this with you on vacation and your cat will be in heaven!

Plan a Staycation

You can always stay home with your cat and enjoy the Cat Corner Groomer right at home. But if you really need a break and plan on leaving your cat at home, you can be sure your kitty will be happy with a sitter as long as he/she has their favorite bed, toys, and the Cat Corner Groomer

Hire a Cat Sitter

It may not be feasible for you to take your cat on vacation with you. If this is the case, you can take him/her to a pet sitter, board him/her with your vet, or hire someone to come over and stay or to feed him/her, change the litter box, and play with him/her for a few hours each day you’re gone. Ideally, your cat would like to stay in their own home, which means hiring a pet sitter to either come over and stay or to come a few hours a day. 

Play it safe and do the following: 

  • Make sure you check their reviews.
  • Ask for references and call them all.
  • Have the sitter come over a few times to meet your cat and hopefully bond a little.
  • Leave notes about what to feed your cat and when, how to contact your vet, and anything else that might be helpful (like where your kitty typically hides) etc. 
  • Make sure you leave out plenty of food and cat litter.
  • Line up a backup pet sitter just in case you get cancelled on. 
  • If you’re planning on boarding your cat, visit it unannounced in advance to make sure you’re comfortable with the people and the facility. 

If your pet sitter is not staying in your home, but just coming by to feed, water, and play with your cat, you may want to get a filtered water bowl, so your cat has fresh water all the time. The raised Cat Water Fountain is ideal for this because the filtered water is constantly flowing. This way your cat always has fresh water and won’t get dehydrated while you’re away. 

If you’re taking your cat to the pet sitter’s home or a boarding facility, ask them if you can bring your own supplies, including dishes. This way you can bring his/her own food and food dish, the Cat Water Fountain, their favorite bed, the Cat Corner Groomer and toys. 

If you have any questions we haven’t addressed in this article, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Enjoy your vacation!

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