Which Personality Describes Your Cat?


Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

Every cat is an individual, just like people and snowakes. Jackson Galaxy strives for every cat to be a Mojito Cat, but what kind of personality does your cat have? Watch the video above to find out!

What is cat mojo? – What motivates all cats.

Cats need to own their territory. If they don’t own their territory, bad things will happen to them or to you.

1. Mojito cat – If they were a person, they would open the door with a tray of mojitos and say “Welcome to my house. Come on in, I’ll give you a tour”.

This is the cat who walks in chest held high, tail in that backwards question mark, everything relaxed, comes up to you, gives you a little head butt, weaving in and out of your legs and very confident.

2. Napoleon cat, aka the over-owner. All animals who don’t trust their territory over-own. This is the cat with the chest out, a little bit of the ears forward, glaring at you a little bit, perhaps laying down across the doorway of the house to make sure you’ve got to step over that line. Peeing on things because they don’t trust their ownership of the territory.

3. Wallflower cat – In cat world, the wallflower literally hugs the wall never walking across the middle of the door. They are telling you “I don’t own this”.

All cats shoud be the mojito cat. If they are the over-owner, if they are the wallflower, it could cause problems. So take a look at your cat, watch them walk into a room, watch them interact with other cats and other humans and work out what sort of cat they are. If
they’re a wallflower, we’ve got to bring them out a little bit. If they’re an over-owner, we’ve got to bring them back a little bit.

Things to look for

  • Do they display confident ownership of territory?
  • Are you encouraging your cat to hunt, catch, kill, and eat through play every single day?
  • Are you feeling them a bio-appropriate diet?

Need More Information?

For more specifics on play therapy and how to use toys for behavior modification and correcting cat behavior problems, send us your questions at support@amazinglycat.com.

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