What's The Best Toy For Your Cat?

Are you a cat owner looking for the purrfect toy for your furry friend? Take our quiz to discover the best type of toy for your cat based on their unique personality!

Our quiz asks questions about your cat's activity level, personality, and preferences to recommend the ideal toy for your feline friend. Whether your cat is a laid-back napper or an adventurous explorer, we've got you covered.

Don't settle for boring toys that your cat won't enjoy. Take our quiz and discover the perfect toy for your feline friend today!

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"If you're a cat parent, you won't want to miss this chuckle-worthy  quiz."

Rita Carrol

"My cats are special cats. Get a little neurotic and anxious for no discernable reason. I plan on picking up a new refill of feliway, but decided to get a toy for them in the mean time in hopes that helps them a little. They're particular cats, and they're not hunters either, they'll watch bugs with vested interest like '👁👄👁', but won't act on it, so buying this toy was a gamble. But it was worth every penny, honestly. This thing triggered a primal, feral instinct in my twin cats. They took turns, literally tapping in and out to beat this thing up like it owed them lunch money."
Wade Warren
"Something happened with this toy that we did not expect. She has adopted it as her kitten. She carries it around everywhere and cuddles with it. When it flips she tries to soothe it. It’s quite entertaining."
Eleanor Pena
"This toy really helps redirect my kitty when he’s being hyper and biting our hands and being crazy. He loves stalking it and trying to kill it 😂. It keeps him interested way longer than I expected."
Savannah Nguyen