Cat Punch Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing our Cat Punch cat toy!

Here are instructions on how to assemble it:

Components: (1) Body, (2) Side Boards, (5) Levers, (3) Large Paws, (2) Small Paws, (5) Plastic Rivets, rubber bands


Step 1: Detach all parts


Step 2: Prepare The Levers

Attach rivets to the small holes in levers and hang rubber bands on the rivets

Step 3: Now put the lever and the paw inside the box like this

Step 4: Attaching the rubber bands

Push the lever all the way to the end like this:

Pull down the rubber band that you hooked on the lever and hang it on the back of the box:

Step 5: Place the side panels to complete the box!


Your Cat Punch has been assembled!

Pull the lever down and the cat paw will pop up! It's the perfect toy that most cats respond to!