• This catnip-filled cat toy flaps to life once playtime begins, beckoning every bat, bite, chew, and chase!

  • BATTERY FREE: Simply plug your flopping lobster cat toy into its USB charger, wait for the green light, then let the play commence!

  • Soft and interactive, your catnip kitten enrichment toy keeps your cat or small dog active and occupied even when their favorite human’s engaged or away.

  • With premium catnip and lifelike movements, your low-noise flopping lobster is sure to be a new favorite toy for your pet AND you!

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Nurture Your Pet’s Wellness with Play

Lazy or lonely pets are likely under stress. Foster your cat’s health and happiness with your flopping lobster toy! It excites activity and responds to touch, engaging your pet’s paws and mind. 

Chasing, chewing, and cradling your cat plush toy releases your fur baby’s pent-up energy, lessening boredom, loneliness, and destructive activities.

From Filthy to Fresh in Easy Steps

After many matches of lobster against feline or doggy, easily clean your favorite cat toy! 

Simply open the hook-and-loop pouch, remove the power box, hand wash your cats toys in warm water, and let them air dry.

What our customers say...

"My cat adored this toy from the second it was pulled out of the box. It’s very sturdy (can handle lots of kicks and tumbles down the stairs). It’s brightly colored and captures my cat’s attention rapidly. It’s also very soft and my daughter loves to join the cat in playtime."

- Jenni N.

"Still fun after 2 weeks! I thought it was cute how the lobster was inside a fake seafood container. It came with everything including the instructions, cable, and 2 packaged catnip bags. My cat is the type that typically is really interested in a new toy for the first hour or the first few days. This toy though has seemed to keep his attention. A few times a day I will hear the lobster flopping in the other room."

- Sydney T.


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