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Advanced Grooming Glove [Double-Sided]

Advanced Grooming Glove [Double-Sided]

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Cat Hairs Everywhere?

Say Goodbye To Those Annoying Loose Hairs! 

 Double Sided Velour - Easy to Remove Loose Hair From Your Clothes, Furniture & Carpet!

 Super Easy To Use - Simply Peel Off the Hair!

 Works Great on all Cat & Dog Breeds with Short, Medium, Curly and Long Coat Types.

 One Size Fits All - Fixes with Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap. It's Also Machine Washable!

 100% Safe Food-Grade Silicone Grips Even The Smallest Hairs Of Your Cat's Undercoat!

 Choose From a Right Hand or a Left Hand or Get Both Gloves For Pawesome Grooming Time! 


Due to High Demand for this CATastic Product: Shipping Takes 8-12 Business Days


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<

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