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Flexible Long Wire Teaser

Flexible Long Wire Teaser

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Looking For The Best Cat Toy?

This Toy is an ESSENTIAL for Your Cat..

 Fluttering Movements Trigger the Predatory Instincts That Cats So Badly Need Nowadays. It Will Keep Your Cat Happier!

 Use This Toy 9 Minutes Daily. Let Your Cat Win 1 out of 7 Times the Feather Prey So It Won't Get Frustrated.  


Have More Than One Cat?

Cats Get a TON of Enjoyment & Exercise With These and it's Even More Fun To Play With Them Simultaneously. Also Having Multiple Backup Toys Can Save Your Life!  


Goes PERFECT With the Extra Refills CLICK HERE

We Replace This Toy For Our Own Cat Once Every 3 Weeks Due to Normal Wear.


Due to High Demand for this CATastic Product: Shipping Takes 8-12 Business Days


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<

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