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Interactive 2-In-1 Bird or Butterfly Toy For Cats

Interactive 2-In-1 Bird or Butterfly Toy For Cats

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Love To Play With Your Cat?

This Battery Powered Cat Toy Is A Great Way To Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours!

 Unpredictable Lifelike Fluttering Engages Your Cat's Instincts To Stalk And Hunt!

 Cats By Nature LOVE To Chase Birds & Butterflies And It's So Much FUN To Watch Them!

 Perfect For Kittens And Even 12 Year Old Cats Can Temporarily Turn Into Kittens With This Toy  Most Cats Go Absolutely Bonkers For This Thing!

 Keep Your Cat's Excitement High: Track Toy With a Ball And The Electric Rotating Bird Toy Can Be Separated And Played With Together Or Alone.

 Improved Stability - This Track Toy Will Stay on its Ground!


Due to High Demand for this CATastic Product: Shipping Takes 8-12 Business Days


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<

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