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Lifelike Robot Bug Toy

Lifelike Robot Bug Toy

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Love To Play With Your Cat?

Cats Go Absolutely CRAZY For This NEW Robot Bug Toy!

Cats love this Robot Bug because of it's unpredictable movements and it's a true challenge for all cats!

Here are some tips and tricks for using it:

 A Box - Put your Robot Bug in a box. It can't disappear under the couch now, and it will be easier for your cat to capture it.

 Fabric - Hide the Robot Bug under a thin piece of fabric, like a bandana.

 A Paper Bag - Put your Robot Bug into a small paper bag and watch your cat respond to the noise and movement. Oh, this is really fun.

 Plastic Bag - Try putting the Robot Bug into a zip-lock bag. Once inside the bag, you can put the Robot Bug on soft surfaces, such as the bed, and the toy can move, make noise, but won't get lost.


Due to High Demand for this CATastic Product: Shipping Takes 8-12 Business Days


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<

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