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Flea And Tick Guard Collar For Cats [100% Natural]

Flea And Tick Guard Collar For Cats [100% Natural]

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100% Natural and Effective Flea Collar That Actually Works!


 In Stock! Product Ships In 24 Hours.

 8 Continuous Months Of Flea And Tick Protection In 1 Collar.

 Safe And Easy To Use, Odorless Collar That Kills And Repels Pests.

 The Active Ingredients Are Stored In The Collar, Continuously Releasing In Low Concentrations For 8 Months.

 Safe & Natural Essential Oils Blend Proven To Prevent Fleas And Ticks.

 Soft Collar For Maximum Comfort For Cats!

 Avoid The Hassle Of Monthly Treatment Applications.

Did You Know?

Many outdoor cats are vulnerable to ticks. Ticks can attach themselves in places difficult for your cat to groom, particularly the ears and head.

A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Those can roll right off your cat and onto your carpet, couch, or comforter.

Ticks are hardy creatures. When you remove one, don't assume it's dead or that you'll be rid of it by throwing it away or flushing it. They can crawl back out of trash cans and bathroom fixtures, ready to attach themselves to the next mammal that happens by (including you).



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