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Stainless Steel Elevated Cat Bowl

Stainless Steel Elevated Cat Bowl

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A More Relaxed Mealtime

While all pets love to eat, sometimes the act of chowing down can be tough on furry bodies. Help your 4-legged friend stay relaxed while chomping and chewing with your elevated dog and cat food bowls from AmazinglyCat!

High Level of Comfort

Your raised pet bowl is thoughtfully designed to ensure a joyful eating experience for all fur babies:
– Elevated relief: Help lessen pressure on joints, hips, and shoulders with your orthopedic cat bowl raised 3.3 in. off the ground.
– Promotes better digestion: With the help of gravity, your elevated dog bowls move food down the digestive system for less stomach discomfort.
– Reduced risk of regurgitation and acid reflux: Encourage your pet to chew slowly and swallow less air with your puppy bowls that support a more natural feeding position.
– Gentle angle: Your cat food dish has a 15° tilt to minimize neck and esophagus strain and support easy swallowing.

Quality to Bark About

Lap up the numerous benefits of your pet water bowl made from sturdy stainless steel:
– Help keep your kitty free of acne.
– Messy eater? No problem. Enjoy an easy cleanup in the dishwasher thanks to your heat-resistant dog food bowl.
– Sometimes dinnertime gets rowdy. Luckily, your cat and small dog bowls are scratch-resistant and ultra-durable.
– Save your pet’s and your nose with your raised dog bowls that hinder any lingering odors.
– Your allergy-friendly, stainless steel dog bowls are ideal for pets sensitive to plastic.

No More Scooting

Keep food in its place. Stop active eaters from sliding or tipping the dish with your cat feeding station featuring nonslip, silicone grips.

Ensure dinnertime is pleasant and comfortable with your raised cat bowl from AmazinglyCat!
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