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Our cat articles cover everything from cat health and nutrition to behavior and training. Explore our articles for our experts' best cat information and tips.

Why Are Cats Always Knocking Things Over?
Why Are Cats Always Knocking Things Over? If you have a cat I’m sure you’ve noticed how often they knock...
With 2021 coming to a close, we’re revisiting the products our cat parents couldn’t get enough of over the past...
3 Reasons Why You Should Get An Elevated Cat Bowl
Happy tummies with the perfect angle! You will be shocked to know that the only thing you will need to...
We made a new CAT TOY!
Kick-start playtime with AmazinglyCat’s new Flopping Lobster kitty toy!  Amazingly Cat®, a viral cat toy company, is excited to announce...
10 Tips to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Plenty of Water
10 Tips to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Plenty of Water Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s...
Must-Have Items for a Pet Emergency Kit
Everything You Need in Your Pet Emergency Kit It’s always smart to have an emergency plan just in case there’s...
CBD for Cats: What You Need to Know
CBD for Cats: What You Need to Know Everyone seems to be raving about the benefits of CBD these days,...
7 Facts About Polydactyl Cats
Interesting Things to Know About Polydactyl Cats Polydactyl cats are born with more toes than are normal for cats’ paws....
How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Cat
 How To Show Your Cat Love On Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is the one day each year when we try...
7 Ways Cats Show They Love You
How Cats Show Their Love For You Cats may not show affection to the extent that dogs do, but they...
How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat
Introducing a Dog & Cat Takes Patience Many people believe that dogs and cats by their very nature can’t get...
How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Entertained
How Do I Keep My Indoor Cat Entertained? Ideally all cats would be free to enjoy the great outdoors, running...
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